Company MediLigo Ltd. was founded in 2014, it is focused primarily on the distribution, sale, and promotion of medical products in the Republic of Croatia. During the same year, we became the exclusive distributor for the Medtronic diabetes program for Croatia. In 2015, we launched a retail store, and a year later an online store. We are proactively looking for new business partners, in accordance with our vision, mission and values.



We are focused on continuous development. We want to create and maintain quality relationships with our partners and customers. We want to be recognized as a professional, efficient, reliable, expert, and proactive business partner. Customer trust is especially important to us, so we represent quality and safe products that will improve the health of users, and provide additional value through consulting, education, and support.


We are dedicated to the idea of offering our market high quality products that are beneficial to human health. Our highest priorities are quality and long-term customer satisfaction. We achieve added value for all our partners, respecting the core values and the vision we believe in. We strive to ensure the sales goals of our partners by striving for excellence at all levels of our business.



Every day we strive to be the best, we are focused on solutions and achieving results with our knowledge, experience, passion, and hard work. We are determined, courageous and highly motivated, without compromising on quality.


People and relationships are the most valuable assets of our company and that is why we encourage and nurture excellence, originality, and innovation. We encourage teamwork and nurture a culture of mutual respect at every step of working together. We continuously invest in education, develop the knowledge and skills of employees.


We firmly believe in transparent, morally, and socially responsible action. We believe in consistency and honesty. We believe that business ethics is the foundation for building trust and long-term business success.


We are committed to working with our partners and customers, in a way that we grow and thrive together. We create a safe and friendly environment. We offer constant support, enthusiasm, and dedication to work. We encourage mutual encouragement and exchange of opinions and experiences.


We encourage and practice responsible ecological behavior and protection of the natural environment. We believe that it is the personal responsibility of each of us to preserve our planet for future generations.

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